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Penyakit Hepatitis/Kuning

Hepatitis disease which is often also called jaundice is caused karna the lack of glucose or sugar substances, it is menyeranng hati.Tetapi karna can also be caused by a virus may be contagious karna makananan or equipment can also be factors of hygiene makanannya.Maka we should take careful when we want to choose makanan.Gejala's disease hepatits this turns out to be difficult, but the people with this disease usually Hepatitis often feel sick in the middle of the stomach, and also often defecate-nausea or nausea, if you feel that skit such as this so watch out . penguningan If there is already one of the cells in the body then has a heart disease hepatitis rusak.Jenis there are three which are: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Hepatitis past, including a stage that is easier to be cured of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C is a very necessary waspadai in this type of hepatitis is very difficult for the sembuhkan.

Tips to treat disease Hepatitis: 1.Jemur temulawak but not exposed to sun or wind-anginkan.Lalu hiccup with hot water and add rock sugar and ingredients ala dawn has jadi.2.makan sate rabbit.
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Hal-hal yang perlu dilakukan setelah UN

Kita tahu ujian maenajdi momok yang besar bagi para sebagian pelajar.Sehingga pelajar melakukan segala hal walaupun itu curang agar mereka lulus & mendapatkan nilai yang memuaskan. Sampai pihak sekolahpun juga mengusahakan agar semua muridnya lulus.Pada waktu mejelang ujian,guru telah menyadari ada muridnya yang bingung,pusing,hingga stres akibat terlalu terforsir pada UN.Ini menyebabkan timbulnya persaan pesimis bagi sebagian besar murid.Setelah UN ada juga yang masih tidak bisa menghilangkan perasaan pesimis & cemas,sampai menjelang pengumuman UN.Agar perasaan cemas itu bisa hilang kita dapat melakukan hal-hal yang lebih berguna dari pada kita selalu memikirkan hasil akhir UN.Misalnya kita bisa bisa membantu orang tua,kursus musik,atau pekerjaan yang senang kamu kerjakan,tapi ingat kamu harus melakukan hal-hal yang positif.Seperti kata pepetah sambil menyelam minum air,sambil kita melakukan hal yang kita inginkan,kita bisa berdo'a untuk kelulusan UN serta pasrah kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa.Ini akan membuat pikiran mu lebih tenang & rileks.Kita juga bisa dapat memikirkan tujuan selanjutnya setelah kita lulus UN.Ltu sangat berguna bagi kelanjutan masa depan kita.Sikap lnilah yang bisa menghilangkan perasaan cemas,selain kita dapat memikirkan masa depan kita,kita juga dapat merefresh otak kiata dengan melakukan hal-hal yang berguna.
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my favorite band

My Chemical Romance is the origin of the music group New Jersey, which was formed in September 2001 by Gerard Way and Matt Pelissier. Currently, the band diawaki by Gerard Way (vocal), Mikey Way (bass), Ray Toro (lead guitar), Frank Iero (guitar), and Bob Bryar (drums). Band name inspired by the book-length Irvine Welsh, namely ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance.

My Chemical Romance is a band that, according to group media bergenre pop punk, [1] post-hardcore, [1] "punk Revival", [1] alternative rock. However, this group describe your music as their music "rock" or "pop the rough", [2] and reject classified as emo. [3] This group has released three albums that I Brought You My bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in the year 2002, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge in 2004, and The Black Parade in 2006.

This band gets inspiration from Queen, Black Flag, Iron Maiden, The Misfits, Morissey, At the Gates, Pink Floyd, The Smashing Pumpkins, Descendents, Pantera, The Cure and The Smiths.
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J-Rocks is a music group to take the origin of a flow of Japanese pop / rock, and established since 2003. J-Rocks digawangi by Iman (vocal, guitar), Sony (guitar), Wima (bass) and Anton (drums).

In 2005, they released an album of Topeng SAHABAT under the label Aquarius Musikindo. They also fill the two songs in the OST album DEALOVA namely Into the Silent and Serba Salah.

Two years later, J-Rocks issued second album, SPIRIT, which displays a variety of beat and the flow of music such as Rock 'n Roll (Juwita Heart), Waltz / Victorian (Tersesal), Blues, Classic. On this second album, J-Rocks menggandeng Prisa.

J-Rocks Music was criticized because it gets the band considered to emulate Japan L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel.

View Song Lyrics J-Rocks

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Jumat, 27 Februari 2009

Brian May "Dewa gitar yang sarjana"

Original name: Brian Harold May, BSc Hons
Place / Date of Birth: Hampton / 19 July 1947
Game Style: Rock, Heavy Rock, Rock Opera
Group Band: 1984, Smile, Queen, Brian May (Solo Career)
Musical influences: Hank Marvin (The Shadows), Scotty Moore (Elvis Presley), Lonnie Donegan, Buddy Holly and James Burton
Technical Andalan: Harmony (guitar) plated
Guitar: Custom-built "Red Special", Red Special Custom-made models Greg Fryer, Guild Brian May Signature model, Burns Brian May Signature Model, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson ES-335, Acoustic guitar Collings
Pickup: Burns (installed in the Red Special), DiMarzio Brian May model (inserted in Guild Brian May Signature Model)
Effects: Vox Wah, Custom-built treble booster (possibly artificial Pete Cornish TB83 type), which have been modified Echoplex, Boss CE-3 Stereo Chorus Ensemble, a multi-effects Rocktron Intellifex, and Foxx Phaser Bel Digital Audio Delay
Ampli: Vox AC30 and AC10, Custom-built amp deacon (yak correct, this ampli-made Queen bassist, John Deacon), Selmer, Marshall JCM800
Example game: Keep Yourself Alive, Stone Cold Crazy, Brighton Rock, Bohemian Rhapsody, It's Late

About Career:
With a unique voice and guitar riff, a catchy guitar riff as its contribution to the Queen, Brian May became one of the talented musicians and to give effect in the year 70-an. He was the son of a fitter services and electronic musicians. He was joined by his father inherited the talent in the field of music and menyolder. However, it will be able to balance the technology ketertarikannya and musicians and then continue to reach a degree in the field of Physics. In the spare time he makes the guitar menyempatkan themselves, aided by his father. Buatannya this guitar, which then become a trade-mark Brian May in each appearance.

When the school band he formed the first, 1984, which is an instrumental band. Band manggung them around town and open a London performance artist / legendary bands such as Traffic, Jimmi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Tyrannosaurus Rex (later known as T-Rex). In 1968, he was leaving the band to focus on the study at Imperial College.

During lectures, May nongkrong often with Roger Taylor and then form a hard rock trio band called Smile. He is also continuing education even at the S2 on the faculty of mathematics and science, but even then decided to focus more fully on music. Smile Band signed a contract with Mercury Records and released one single that did not achieve success. Then they add Freddy Mercury at the vocal and the band changed their name to become Queen. After working with several bassist, eventually they find and recruit John Deacon in 1971. Queen later signed a contract with EMI and released debut album (Queen) in 1973 with the main strength of their album: a combination of Freddie Mercury vocal drama and riff-riff cool Brian May.

Brian May with Queen berekperimen continue to develop with their sound. Albun A Night at the Opera was released in 1975 and the recent hit song "Bohemian Rhapsody", a musical play ability and intensity as the author of their songs. Both their next album A Day at the Races in 1976 and News of the World in the year 1977 also achieved great success on the radio and in the music store with their hit-hit like "We Will Rock You" and even "We Are The Champions" from the album News of the World were even used as a victory song in sports competitions in the world until now. That is interesting, one of the songs from the album News, "It's Late" is a song where Brian May using two-handed Tapping and hammer-on guitar solo during the year and then Eddie Van Halen with the famous two-handed Tapping own style. May indicate that the techniques that he Tapping diconteknya use of a guitar band club in the area of Texas. According to the band's guitarist Billy Gibbons even (ZZ Top) is the first time using it and it only menconteknya.

After Freddie Mercury died in 1991, Queen officially disband. Only on special events such as the "Concert for Life tribute to Mercury in 1992 (the funds to shore Mercury Phoenix Trust, formed to raise awareness of the dangers of AIDS). Brian May and more focus bersolo career, released Back to the Light in 1993. A year later he released Live at Brixton Academy, which is a combination of its songs solo career and from the collection of Queen songs. In 1998 he released an album entitled Another World is Jeff Beck took the guitar fills on the song "The Guv'nor".

About Voice and Guitar Rig
Not complete without discussing Brian May to discuss the gitarnya. Heart sound of the guitar in May there is the electric guitar is given the name "Red Special". He is a guitarist with both his father. Indeed very difficult to find a muted electric guitar just like his Red Special Brian May unless you get replikanya's luthier Greg Fryer. Although the Guild and Burns make a Brian May signature series, but they made the guitar is muted guitar exactly like Brian May. Besides Brian May in the rig itself, there are several custom effects, including a Treble Booster with the use of brand ampli deacon (Ampli-made John Deacon, Queen bassist) and a splitter to send signal to the three ampli Vox AC30 own. In addition, Brian May also use a guitar pick that is not common. Pick of the use is a sixpence coin (UK currency). About the use of this coin as a pick Brian May reasoned that the coins can not be easily separated from the surface because of the rough and jagged pinggirannya sharp. Coins in the UK this is not produced anymore, but Brian May has mengkoleksinya to thousands of pieces so that he does not fear running out.

Now how about gitarnya harmony? The secret is in the use of 3 with ampli ampli configuration in the middle of dry and ampli left and right as the sound effect. During the early period of his career, Brian May often use 3-way splitter to divide the signal gitarnya and two at the Echoplex is set with a different delay time to form the harmony. Echoplex was the second of each ampli go in the left and right. Brian May is no use, and replace it with the Echoplex Digital Delay unit.

About Brian May guitar made (Red Special)
Many stories about the guitar is made in Bryan May. According to Brian May, guitarist he is making with the help of his father and as "Red Special". May create a body design, adapt the shape of the acoustic guitar but with a cut in the body over and above the neck (cutaway) to more easily access the fret neck section 15 and over. He formed using wood with knife, chisel and sandpaper. Fingerboardnya also adapt the guitar's acoustic. Gitarnya the form of a thick neck and slightly rounded. Neck only use one and not a bolt-on glue. A fret nut mounted right in front, before the first fret. Form fretnya own flat, a model school bus and Inlay is a form of large dots (dot) is as follows: one point in the fret 3, two points on the fret 7, one point in the fret 9, three dots on the fret 12, one in the fret 15 and 17, two at fret 19, one at the fret 21 and three in the fret 24. In addition there is also a point on the fingerboard edge and its edge on the outline to fret and 5 to 7.

Material fingerboard is oak wood is coated in such a way to resemble ebony wood. Neck guitar is to go far in the body to the guitar pickup go through the middle. Bodi gitarnya own kind of oak wood that comes from a table and two lapisannya made of wood blocks by the dilubangi own. The entire surface of the body of the guitar and then he lapisi with Mahogany wood coating. Bindingnya edge of shelves, either the shelf or rack another book. Bridge is its own design from Brian May and his father and made with hands. Tremolo handle its own part is made of a bicycle as part of the bicycle saddle, and the tip of the stem-tremolo is the knitting needle from her mother that he was a little drill. The reason for Brian May to make their own tremolonya is because he can not afford to buy a Fender tremolo that time. Perhaps a combination of materials that the public does not make Brian May guitar sound so unique and sustain the unique features as well.

For electronic business, May rolls own single coil pickup is, but then replace it with a pickup that he purchased from Burns in the UK. In addition to pickup, he also purchased tuner. But the tuner is immediately replaced with the same brand Sperzel. May also design a perkabelan gitarnya.

In the mid 90's, Brian May met with the original Australian luthier, Greg Fryer, who get a permit July to make some coffee from the authentic "Red Special" made Brian May. Each guitar is made possible with the original sepersis. Even more details of the Brian May signature made Guild. How might the type of wood Fryer, sizing, finishing and completeness of the guitar (like tuner) which is the same as the original. Fryer even pay their own costs of the journey home to Australia Brian May in the UK, where he was an all-out to record all measurements and specifications guitarist Brian May and play the return to Australia to start work. Fryer year and then return to the UK with 3 pieces of kloningnya and Brian May terpana top of the results. Now the third is used by guitarist Brian May. May even commit to the original guitarist Greg Fryer to fix. Handmade original guitarist Brian May and his father are now back in prime condition.

Source: http://www.musisi.com/BrianMay.p
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Guitarist Queen

Musisi Rock Sekaligus Ilmuwan!

Diarsipkan di bawah: Astronomi, Kehidupan, Manusia, Serba Serbi — Yari NK @ 5:00 am
Who says rock musicians and scientists are always back-off? This is at least want to be evidenced by a Brian May, guitarist of British rock music group famous legendary Queen at the 1970-1980s, the song-music still played and enjoyed by many until now. I still own a CD store pirated-CD albums of this Queen, Love of My Life, You Take My Breath Away, Who Needs You, 39 (a semi-rhythmic Country is good), All Dead All Dead, Killer Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody songs is my favorite of even up to now I have not bored listen. For the rock fans in 1970-an era, Brian May, who was born in Middlesex, England is, of course more famous as a rock musician, or more precisely its position as a guitarist, although he can also play a role as the main vocalist, KEYBOARDIST, ukulele players, and also harpist. Games harpanya captivating enough in the song "Love of My Life"

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The Legend

ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewSang Dewa GitarJul 10, '07 1:02 AM
for everyone
Genre: Blues
Artist:Jimi Hendrix

Original name: James Marshall Hendrix
Place / Date of Birth: Seattle, November 27, 1942
Game Style: Rock & Blues
Group Band: Jimi Hendrix Experience, Band of Romany, The Velvetones
Musical influences: Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin 'Wolf, Buddy Holly, and Robert Johnson
The Used Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Effects: Vox Clyde McCoy wah pedal, Roger Mayer Octavia, Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Born with the name Johnny Allen Hendrix, which was then changed to James Marshall Hendrix by his father, James "Al" Hendrix. Jimi during the small often pretend to be witnessed after the guitarist's B. B. King. He used ukulele as gitarnya. View of Jimi on the guitar, and his father buy him a guitar second hand for 5 dollars at the time he was aged 16 years. He also joined the group first band, The Velvetones that only survive for 3 months. In the summer following his father buy electric guitar Supro Ozark 1560 S. Then he joined the band The Rocking Kings.

1961 he left England for the Hijrah to the United States. He became one of the United States Army soldiers. However, an injury that he get when skydiving force soldiers to be canceled. He also began to cabutan guitarist by the name Jimmy James. Here he met Little Richards and later formed a band called Jimmy James and The Blue Flames. Early 1965, Jimi playing in a small ceremony at the Greenwich Village area. In an hour session with small group bassis Animal, Chas Candler. Chandler is terperana see Jimi game. Up to one year and then bring it back to Jimi to London and formed the band with their drummer Mitch Mitchel enter. Chas Candler themselves prefer to be manager and bassis position filled by Noel Redding. Band is given the name of Jimi Hendrix Experience, and start a discussion in London throughout 1966.

The first single, Hey Joe successfully into the Top UK Charts for 10 weeks. See the enthusiasm, Jimi cs album immediately merelease Are You Experienced?. With the load numbers, such as Purple Haze, The Wind cries Mary, Foxey Lady, Fire, and Are You Experienced? in the future, this album is the most popular rock albums throughout the period. In addition, the album became very fenomenal and meroketkan name Jimi Hendrix. Each appearance is always called even hundreds of thousands of people.

Successfully make the first album soon merampungkan next album, Axis: Bold As Love in 1968. On the album he is working hard exploring gitarnya game. He then returned to the United States to build studionya called Electric Lady Studio, located in New York City.

Month of August 1969, Jimi Hendrix to appear in one of the biggest music event in the United States, Woodstock. This time he does not carry the name of Experience, but with Gypsy Sun & Rainbows also show that Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez. Namanya the fly as the world number one guitarist. All spectators who witnessed the game gitarnya so terpukau. He shows the action of the guitar solo was carried out together with the stage action, such as wild berry guitar chord with the teeth, burning guitar, play feedback, distortion, and other actions harmful to the guitar. After that he formed a new group called the Band of rye and release the album Hendrix: Live At The Fillmore East in 1999. Next year he re-formed Jimi Hendrix Experience and merampungkan album titled First rays Of The New Rising Sun. However, a tragedy he can not cause a feeling of the crowd in the album. 18 September 1970 he was found killed. Found beside a number of sleeping pills. Police said he died due to overdosis. Died last appearance before the United States together with the original band called War in the Ronnie Scott's club, London.
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i'm j-rocks star

Grup band J-Rocks yang berbeda dalam ajang ‘A Mild Live Soundrenaline 2008: Free Your Voice’, membuat band ini berhasil menyabet hadiah untuk bisa rekaman musik di Abbey Road Studios, London, Inggris.

Grup band yang beranggotakan Iman Taufik Rachman (vokal dan gitar), Sony Ismail Robbayani (gitar), Swara Wimayoga (bas), dan Anton Rudi Keltjes (drum), setelah A Board, dewan pemberi apresiasi terhadap para peserta Soundrenaline, memilihnya menjadi ‘The Best Band Who Can Free Their Voice’ dalam Soundrenaline 2008.

Grup band yang memakai huruf J sebagai kependekan dari kata ‘Jiwa’ ini dianggap sebagai grup terbaik dalam menyuarakan apa yang ingin mereka sampaikan kepada publik musik.

J-Rocks menyingkirkan empat nominee lain, yaitu Nidji, Saint Loco, Gigi dan, Padi empat band yang memiliki tempat terhormat di blantika musik tanah air. Dan pesan yang ingin disampaikan oleh J-Rocks adalah ‘Save Our Music and Culture’.

dikutip dari kapanlagi.com

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